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Different Carpets Than Can Be Installed By Floors 4 Less

Carpet has many different styles and textures so choosing the right one for you is no easy task. Floors 4 Less is able to provide and install all kinds of carpet in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, and
even Pace and Milton. When you call Floors 4 Less we normally ask you what type or style of carpet your are looking for.


Here are examples of the carpet styles and textures available for you to choose from in Pensacola.


  • Texture – Tufts that are twisted or curled create a textured surface that can help mask footprints. This style of carpet is an excellent choice for less formal decors.
  • Frieze – Also called a short shag uses highly twisted tufts that tend to curl near the surface. This style of carpet works well in high traffic areas.
  • Loop – Loop pile can be all the same height or different heights. The Multi-level loop uses different heights in order to create a pattern. This style has been avoided by some because of it’s tendency to run when a loop is accidentally pulled.
  • Pattern Cut Pile – Uses a combination of both loop pile and cut pile in order to form a pattern look by tufting them together. This style uses a saxony yarn in order to create a more formal sophisticated look.
  • Cut Pile Berber – A casual cut pile construction that uses a combination of small and big tufts.┬áThis style normally contains dark colors known as flecks set against a lighter shaded background in order to create a multi-colored look.
  • Saxony – This style is a dense level-cut pile. The yarn tufts are tightly packed together creating a level and smooth luxurious feeling surface. A great style to use in formal settings.
  • Cut-Loop – Yarns are tufted into large islands of high cut tufts and lower loop tufts to form a sculptured pattern. Great choice for informal settings.


Carpet fiber is also an important decision when deciding which carpet is right for you and your situation. The construction and type of carpet fiber not only makes a big difference in how your carpet looks and feels, but also in how it wears. Typically you will find only one type of fiber used in a particular carpet, and you can find that information right on the carpet sample provided by us. There are two types of fiber classes known as natural such as wool, and man-made, such as nylon, olefin, and polyester. Each one has characteristics that affect it’s performance and look and feel.


Floors 4 Less primarily installs nylon and polyester carpets, and both are widely available in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Pace, Milton, and Navarre.


  • Nylon – This fiber continues as the ideal carpet fiber. Its many attributes combine to provide outstanding durability, performance, resilience, and appearance. Nylon lends itself to an unlimited variety of styles and colors at reasonable prices.
  • Polyester – This fiber produces carpets that are soft to the touch but not as resilient as carpets of nylon. Polyester is naturally stain resistant as well, and is best suited for low traffic areas.
  • Olefin – This fiber is also called polypropylene and is often used in indoor/outdoor carpet and in loop-pile carpets. Due to its relatively low resilience, its use should be restricted to areas of low traffic
  • Wool – This fiber of course is a natural fiber that presents a beautiful appearance in carpeting. However, wool may not be as resilient as man-made carpet fibers and is quite a bit more expensive.


Tired of those carpet stains that never seem to go away? You might want to consider a carpet that has a stain protection built right in! Floors 4 Less carries two types of stain guarded carpets known as STAINMASTER and R2X.


  • STAINMASTER – A very well known and heavily advertised product that also tends to be somewhat pricey. STAINMASTER carpets stay cleaner than other carpets thanks to the DuPont Advanced Teflon Repel System. The fibers in STAINMASTER carpet actually repel, or “push away” soil, reducing its ability to stick to the carpet fibers. This dirt-repelling action also increases vacuuming efficiency, so you get better results each time you vacuum your carpets.
  • R2X – R2X is a stain and soil repellant system that is branded by Shaw carpets. After years of research Shaw introduced R2X as a solution to common household stains. It offers complete fiber protection from the top of the yarn to the bottom. Spills will literally pool on top of the fiber instead of absorbing into the fibers.

Floors 4 Less is located in Pensacola, FL near the 32506 zip code, and we service the Escambia and Santa Rosa County areas including Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Pace, Milton, and Navarre. You can view examples of our work by visiting our flooring gallery.